Average real estate agent:

Real estate Professional:

1. Does not have enough experience. Doesn`t know actual market. 1. Has experience in sales, marketing and knows real estate industry.
2. Tries to sell you any property just to make his commission as his deals are really rare. 2. Will NEVER sell you ANY property just to make quick money. He has your interest in mind. If you are satisfied, he is happy as you will recommend him to your friends and family.


3. Doesn`t get best possible price when you sell your property as his marketing skills are poor and customer base is often non-existent. 3. Tells you about any issues he knows about a property so you will make decision based on actual information.
4. Tries to hide any problems with a property even if he knows it will harm his client. 4. Comes to real estate industry to professionally serve people and make a living.


5. Comes to real estate industry Just For Money. After a deal is closed and commission received, he is gone, he doesn`t care, you are on your own. 5. After a deal is closed and commission received, he is always in touch and ready to give you any help possible.
6. Refers to mortgage broker who will pay referral fee to him. And of course, you have chances not to get the best rates for your mortgage. 6. Refers to mortgage brokers that will give you the best rates on market. He doesn`t care about referral fees. Your interest is in his mind.


Make right choice! Ask yourself: What type is my agent?